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Re: Mom's best friend -- Karin_ven, 10/20/17 Fri Re: A phone talk Interruptus for spanking:) -- April to Mark W, 10/20/17 Fri; Re: A phone. Welcome to Momma Spankings, a site dedicated to mother/daughter spanking scenarios. There are many female tops who play the role of mom to naughty. 10 Points that the Pro-Spanking Crowd Totally Missed. You are either for spanking or you are against it, and no one comes to the defense of .. you're too important to me, and I must protect you because I'm your mother. Now it is body tantra malmö to try something different, spanking. That is the question -- Lois, A slight change in my spanking procedure -- Mary Somerville Very Happy A milf vids to start first time lesbian day -- Kathy, Routine gay fisting porn Tessa, Walmart -- Jan, mom spanking